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Easy to Order Video Spokesperson Services!

Our video spokesperson services are designed to help small to medium business, marketing agencies and internet marketers, as well as non-profits, have instant access to an affordable website video spokesperson. Whether you need a simple website video, a sophisticated sales or marketing video, a  announcement video, or even an internal employee training video, Channel F is designed to make high quality spokesperson videos for websites fast, easy, and affordable! Get started today with our amazing spokesperson video service!

The Versatility of Spokesperson Videos

According to industry giants such as Zabisco and the 3M Corporation, some 90% of information transmitted to our brains is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. 85% of the Internet audience in the U.S. are reported as watching videos online. According to research, it’s the 25 to 34 year-old age group that watches the most online videos, with adult males spending 40-percent more time watching than females. After reading these stats, it’s pretty clear that video content has become a must-have in today’s impatient digital age. The power of video combined with a spokesperson becomes a visual powerhouse. A video spokesperson can become the online face of a business, delivering the exact message you want your viewers to hear.

Spokesperson Videos Can Be Used For:


If you have a great idea for a spokesperson video not listed here, let us know! At Channel F we take pride in providing all our customers with exactly what they need for their custom video package. Our clients can work directly with a expert media specialists to provide them with a detailed customized quote to ensure all their video and pricing needs are met and they receive dynamic custom spokesperson videos.


Videos work better to grab attention and aid memory better than other information delivery portals and video announcements have already begun to replace bulletins in many houses of worship. A custom branded spokesperson video for announcements reaches and engages your congregation more effectively in a cost-effective and professional way.


A sales video is your opportunity to show why people should care about what you’re selling and how it’s going to make their lives easier. Spokesperson videos exhibit your product or service and explain features, benefits, etc. in half the time. Believe us: It’s always best to give people the information they need as quickly as you can, but also keep it interesting and engaging.


Website videos have a proven track record of attracting, engaging, and closing leads. Website videos work because they can quickly introduce visitors to what your site/product/service/mission is really about-– they just don’t tell, they show. Videos can make visitors stay longer on a site as well, thus reducing what we call “bounce rates” in the marketing world


By 2017, video should account for a whopping 69% of all consumer-driven Internet traffic according to research conducted by Cisco. No online marketing strategy can afford to not capitalize on the power of marketing videos. A video spokesperson can add a personal touch to a website’s content– making your product and its corresponding content relatable and within a consumer’s reach.


Business owners can utilize employee training videos to not only train new and existing employees, but address problems quickly with greater and more efficient impact, collaborate and share knowledge, and ensure greater training consistency. By minimizing training costs, your business can start to put time and money into other key areas and begin to further itself as an organization.


Why Our Spokesperson Videos?

Our spokesperson videos are different than most– We don’t do those cheesy “walk-on videos” simply because they’re outdated and they don’t work. Instead, we focus on quality, professional spokesperson videos that you can use for training videos, marketing videos, online website videos, landing page videos, church video announcement videos, and more. Benefits include: